Many families in the western Amazon region cultivate 2-3 hectares of land for which they often have no title. The main nourishment consists of manioc, bananas and fish, some of which they sell to Manaus. The long transport distances are a hindrance. Modest sources of income for them are also paranuts, vegetable oils, Acai and in some regions sisal. Hundreds of poor families are now extremely happy that they can now also sell camucamu to Oroverde.

The Brascri foundation instructs young farmers in the Amazon region in organic husbandry; these farmers also plant fruits for Oroverde. The well-known expert in sustainable forestry, Hans Peter Aeberhard, has built up for Oroverde a widespread contact and logistics network in the Brazilian state of Amazonia and had large regions certified to the EU-Bionorm. A society of picker and collector families was founded.

Ašai fruits