Oroverde is certified by bio.inspecta for the import of organic products under enterprise number bi-31835. Since Oroverde has initiated the biocertification of extended regions in the Amazon region, we are in a position to offer a broad range fruits in Bio quality, and some even in Bio-Suisse quality. Açai and Camu Camu are also offered as concentrate.

Our fruit pulps have the following labels:
Açai Bio (Biosuisse from the Amazonas from harvest of 2008)
Araza Bio and Biosuisse; FLO
Banana Bio and Biosuisse; FLO
Camu Camu Bio (Biosuisse from the Amazonas from harvest of 2008)
Carambola Bio and Biosuisse
Cupuaçu conventional

For quality assurance, Oroverde has access to the foodstuff laboratories of a well-known Swiss company in fruit processing. In Brazil, it is monitored by our advisor. In addition, exports are sampled with analyses by the government
Harvest of Camu Camu fruits
Harvest of Camu Camu fruits.